Spare parts for all ploughs available on the market

Spare parts for harrows and pre-sowing

Spare parts for disc harrows

Spare parts for
inter-row cultivators

Spare parts
for subsoilers

Spare parts
for combines

Spare parts for
Taarup tillers

Production of bolts

Production of splined
shafts, roller chain
sprockets and cogwheels (based on technical drawings or samples)

Spare parts for
pneumatic seeders

Custom made pig feeding equipment with different settings 

Spare parts for silos and fodder factories (based on technical drawings or samples)

Spare parts for “Zmaj” trailers


Machine manufacturing
Spare parts
Machine maintenance & repairs

Other branches - Car industry
Other branches - Mining
Other branches - Brickworks
Other branches - Breweries

Other branches - Cement plants  

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