"TEHNOSISTEM" is a family business company with 37 years of experience in manufacturing spare parts and equipment for agricultural machinery, car industry, brickworks, mining, breweries and cement plants.

The roots of "TEHNOSISTEM" date back to 1971, when it was first founded as a sole trade business by Dusan Stankovic, a member of the Stankovic family. Due to the ongoing state of the market in 1992, the company was officially established by the name of TEHNOSISTEM by the Stankovic family. Throughout its constant growth and development, the company has gained valuable experience in manufacturing quality goods and defined itself as a successful and competent business on the market owing to its ability to quickly adapt to market needs, making right choices of production ranges and continuous staff improvement.

Today, TEHNOSISTEM has a long-term annual cooperation with more than 100 customers such as agricultural conglomerates, farms, transport companies, cement plants, breweries, open pit mines, underground mines and trade businesses.

The primary business of TEHNOSISTEM manufacturing agricultural machinery, spare parts and providing repair and maintenance services while the company also produces various mechanical parts used for the maintenance of silos, breweries, cement plants and brickworks according to technical drawings and samples.

In addition, the company provides various services of mechanical processing: lathe cutting, horizontal milling, sanding, hobbing of cogwheels and roller chain sprockets, cutting using shears, bending on “Apkant” press machines, forging, pressing on eccentric presses, bending of various cross-sectional shapes on hydraulic presses, bending on pressing cylinders, mechanical thread cutting.


Our strive for top quality products leads to our constant expansion on the market.


Machine manufacturing
Spare parts
Machine maintenance & repairs

Other branches - Car industry
Other branches - Mining
Other branches - Brickworks
Other branches - Breweries

Other branches - Cement plants  

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